About Us

Why are many people not optimizing the online space to scale their business, entrepreneurial ideas, profession and Career? This is the question that has puzzled us to building a Hub for Digital Optimizers.

Who We Are

Learnvale is an E-learning platform that creates and publish courses or programs on computer and digital related skills and topics, we partner with leaders and experts in the digital space with innovative educational curriculum that deliver transformation to our students on the journey to learning the computer and digital skills that are in-demand in the market place today.

"As the world drifts to the digital space, its essential that individuals, business owners, entrepreneurs, coaches and professionals equip themselves with the right computer and digital skills needed to thrive in a digital age"
Emmanuel Onyewuchi
(Founder: Learnvale)

Our Vision​

"Our vision is to build an online learning hub where business owners, entrepreneur, professionals, coaches and individuals on the career path can access the computer and digital skills they need to thrive in a computer and digital enabled world."

Our traditional educational system is failing us, we spend numbers of years in school only to discover when we get into the real world that the core skills needed to thrive in life and in a computer and digital enabled world where not thought to us or included in the curriculum used in educating us.

Here at LearnVale, we are redefining education. We are deploying modern day technology with a new age educational curriculum to create courses and programs on relevant computer and digital skills needed to thrive in 2021 and beyond, skills our traditional educational system fail to teach us.

Meet The Amazing Team

Computer & Digital Experts
Emmanuel Onyewuchi
Emmanuel Onyewuchi
Founder/CEO & Lead Trainer
Joshua Onoja
Joshua Onoja
Community Manager
Learn From Experience Teachers

Learn from the best experienced teachers and leaders in the digital space the skills and mindset needed to thrive online.

Learn at Your Own Pace

We are using technology to build a user friendly E-learning platform that is built with the right support system to help you experience transformation on your own pace.

Certification Transformation

Get certificate of transformation when you complete a courses or program on learnvale.