Internet & Web Blueprint

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About Course

Understand Different Technologies That Made The Online World Possible & How To Position Yourself Rightly

Do you know that over 63 percent of the world population today are on the Internet and it’s projected that in the so nearest future the entire world will be connected on the online space, creating more of the new kind of life and work environment we are already experiencing today

The demand for the right kind of skills to navigate the digital space effectively has made it essential that anyone hoping to grow, scale and thrive in the digital age we live in today is equipped with a better understanding of the two major technologies that enable the digital space “the internet and the web technologies”

While we look forward to a world where everyone is connected by the internet and the web, research shows that most of these people accessing the internet and web today are doing it through their smartphones.

The challenge here is that majority of internet and web users today don’t even know how the technologies that make the internet and web work, and for most people, they don’t even know how to access or use the internet and web from a desktop or laptop computer, which always results to less of optimizing computer and the digital space either as a business owner, entrepreneur, professionals or career person.

Knowledge and skills about the internet and the web is important to navigate this new world that is created by computer, internet and web technologies.

And this is where The Internet & Web Blueprint course comes in, this course is designed to help you learn different concepts like computer networking, the internet, intranet, extranet and the web technologies and how to access the internet and web with a computer, which is the beginner phase of developing and expanding your digital skills.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Understand how the Internet work and how it is made accessible to an end-user
  • Discover the different forms of Computer Networking and how they are used to communicate data and information in an organization.
  • Learn about the Web and different technologies that make the web possible and accessible to an end-user.
  • Learn how to access the web with a Web browser on a computer and perform basic tasks online like finding information and sending emails
  • Discover the different ways the internet and web technologies are impacting our society and how to position yourself rightly for opportunities created by these
  • And lots more

Course Content

Getting Started

  • Intro

The Internet Technology
In this section, you will understand the structure of the internet, different technology that makes it possible and how it is made available to an end-user

Computer Networking Basis
In this section, you will learn the different ways computer technology can be connected to enable data and information sharing

The Web (www) Blueprint
In this section, you will learn about the online world, the different tools and technologies that made it possible and how to access the online world effectively from a desktop computer or laptop

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