Free Webinar On Computer & Digital Literacy

Discover The Advantages of Being Computer & Digital Literate In A Computer & Digital Age and How To Go From Not Knowing Anything About Computer To Becoming Computer & Digital Literate In 6 Weeks From The Comfort Of Your Bedroom

26th Oct. 2021
Nigerian Time Zone
6:00 PM
Your Host: Emmanuel Onyewuchi Founder/Lead Trainer at

What will you learn in this webinar?

As advancement in computer and digital technology disrupts work and careers and creates new ways for life and work, it has become essential that anyone who wish to thrive in a computer and digital enabled world is equipped with basic skills on the main technology that has enabled us the digital world we live today.. The Computer Technology

In this Webinar we will be diving deep into the following topics:

Discover the Importance of being computer and digital literate in a computer and digital enabled world we live in today.



5 Myths that most people hold on to that limit them from learning ICT skills effectively and how to deal with these myths and develop the mindset of a computer and digital guru.


3 most viable ways to optimize computer and digital skills to your own benefits whether as a business owner, entrepreneur, professional, coach or Individual on the job path.

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About Your Host

Hi, my name is Emmanuel Onyewuchi an Ex Computer Engr/Trainer turned Digital Mentor, Internet Marketer and Lifestyle Entrepreneur

I’m the CEO/Founder of 

I have thought 100’s of students computer skills both in the classroom and online.

I started my journey in ICT over a decade ago and i got into digital marketing in 2018.

With over 10 years of experience in ICT plus 3 years of experience in Internet marketing, be rest assured you are dealing with someone with in-depth knowledge and insight in both ICT and digital skills

One of the things that drive me is the passion to help people grow, transform and become the best version of themselves.

When I’m not learning new things, I’m either writing, or setting up online systems like, or creating trainings to help people transform or I’m climbing mountains in the city of Abuja.

I believe there’s a lot we can learn from each other but until then.. I hope to see you in the webinar.

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26th Oct. 2021


This is going to be a live webinar and there is no promise of a replay, kindly reserve your seat and save the date on your calendar