What Is ICT? Understand The Concept And Component of ICT

The term ICT is one of the most used terms in the digital space today.

This is mostly because ICT is changing our lives, it is changing how we communicate and access information, which is also, directly and indirectly, changing how we socialize and work.

ICT skills have become one of the top in-demand skills in our society today, this is as a result of how swiftly these technologies are influencing every industry and every aspect of our life.

When the term ICT is mentioned what comes to the mind of most people is computer technology,  but one thing to note is that computer is not the only technology in the scope of ICT infrastructure.

Let’s define ICT to really understand the scope of ICT.

The Concept of ICT

ICT, Information Communication Technology is simply a phrase used to define different electronic mediums for creating, manipulating, storing, receiving and sending information from one place to another.

Although computer can be regarded as the backbone of the ICT world we live in today because computer technology enables most of the other technologies in the scope of ICT, but computer is not the whole of the ICT, it’s simply part of the electronic medium that enables the ICT infrastructure. 

Other forms of electronic medium that enable the ICT infrastructure include 

  • Networking component 
  • Web technologies 
  • Software/Application technologies
  • Telephone communication technologies 
  • Radio and television technologies
  • Artificial intelligence 
  • Robotics 

All these electronic medium when connected in whole or part enables what is referred to as information Communication Technologies

Watch the video below to the end to learn more about ICT

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