How To Pay For Product On Learnvale – With Credit/Debit Card or Bank Transfer For Nigerian Customers

Looking for a guide on how to make payment for any of our products and services, the video below will work you through how to checkout on any product on our platform with your Credit/Debit card.

Watch the video to the end and if you have further questions you can ask on the comment section below or join our Private Facebook Group to ask questions and get feedback

Please note that while our products are priced in Naira you can checkout with your International Credit or Debit card, your bank will take care of the conversion based on the current exchange rate of your currency with naira of the total amount on the checkout page of the product you are paying for.

Our customers from Nigeria can checkout through bank transfer via our online payment Gateway, Our payment processing service Paystack allows Nigerians to make payment through bank transfer.


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